Take a ticket stub or plane ticket or whatever to kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on that fabric transfer stuff and make this pillow.

Great for sentimental trips

kinda sweet


I tweeted about going outside and my buddy wanted proof seeimage

but little did he know imageI DIDN’T EVEN GO OUTSIDE

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Could you imagine getting an apartment with the person you love. Falling asleep beside each other, and waking up to see that cute little dopey smile they make when they first get up. You’d never have a bad start to your day, because they’d be the perfect start.

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"I should have told you everything while you were listening."

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Have you ever looked at someone’s tumblr and realized that you guys could be bestfriends? I have like 5 tumblr bestfriends and they have no idea

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dads are either too nice or assholes there is no in between

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my first pair of cuffs <3

Thanks for sharing and showing off your beautiful bravery. 

Trouble & NN, 
Even when London is 500 miles away from me he finds ways to make my bad days into good ones. 
A dozen roses and a sweet yet simple note did just that. 
As a thank you I sent him this picture, with a simple “good morning”
The Baker

I like surprising Trouble with flowers, I know it’s an old fashion gesture but it’s a simple way to be sweet and bring a smile to her face. And though you may be hiding your face it’s clear you’re happy and appreciative of the gift. Thanks for sharing and showing off. 

trouble & ninja,
while exploring today we found ourselves in an overgrown blueberry patch. the thick moss beneath our feet was soft like carpeting and the morning sun was filtering just right through the blueberry bushes. perfect opportunity to ditch the clothes and be one with nature. enjoy the long weekend!

Oh my gosh, so fucking gorgeous. Incredibly beautiful lighting and you captured your passion so nicely. I adore how strong his grip is on her body, and the wedding ring on his finger is so nice to see. These are definitely the best photos you’ve captured so far and I feel very lucky to have them be a part of SS. 




I like how the original title for The Fault in Our Stars is all poetic and then the Norwegians just translated it to “fuck destiny” and I think that’s beautiful

Aw man, I thought for sure this had to be bullshit but nope

Why is it always Norway

Norway, a nation where you can put the word “fuck” on the cover of a young adult novel.

me as a parent